Modern 21st Century Chimney Sweep

Most of you reading this note will only be familiar with the romantic aspect of chimney sweeps from classical texts that you may have covered. Well, some of you then anyway. More than likely, today’s modern 21st century chimney sweep maryland persuasion is hardly familiar with the old order of things as well.

Perhaps the most experienced twenty-first century chimney sweeps, those that have been practicing across the line of the millennial milestone, have indoctrinated themselves on the old order. The third industrial revolution wasn’t exactly an overnight phenomenon, so many of the established chimney sweeps, those that had been in business across generations, would have experienced something of the old, sooty order.

They have also seen and experienced the introduction of new technologies. Today’s chimneys are nothing like they used to be and indeed, all across the industries a tentative approach is being taken to replace those huge smokestacks with far less polluting emissions vessels. Residential chimneys still have its practical uses, particularly for those property owners who reside in areas where winters can be extremely cold.

But many of these residents have turned to unsustainable heating methods which have turned out to cost them quite a fortune. Could this have something to do with the fact that they have not managed to summon enough patience to apply themselves to proper care and maintenance of their chimneys? Could be because keeping a chimney clean and in good repair is not work for the layman, not even the seasoned weekend DIY practitioner.

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Chimney maintenance now goes well beyond just keeping the chimney clean. Bricks and mortar work is required too. And there are still the tiles on the surrounding roof. This is all work for today’s modern day 21st century chimney sweep.